Friday, May 22, 2009

Do Something Permanent

I've been frustrated lately. At the end of each day I wonder what it is I did all day. I know I'm busy all day long running around doing tasks, but at the end of the day I look around and don't feel as though I've accomplished anything. I've realized that the things I've been doing (and let's face it, they have to be done) are not permanent. They become undone by the end of the day. I sweep and mop the floor only to have food and dirt cover them again in a matter of hours. I clean up all of the toys just to have them scattered about as soon as Grace wakes up from her nap. I do the dishes and clean the kitchen just to have a mess again after the next meal is prepared and eaten. I wash, fold, and put away laundry only to walk past the hamper and see dirty clothes exploding out of it again. The things I spend my time on throughout the day just get undone and leave me with no feeling of accomplishment. I'm tired of asking myself at the end of the day, "What did I do all day?"
That's where the 'Do Something Permanent' part comes in. The things I spend my time on throughout the day are not permanent. They become undone by the end of the day. That's why I have decided I need to do something permanent each day. Such as, writing in a journal, catching up with an old friend, working on a creative project (sewing, scrapbooking, home improvement), reading to my child, reading from the scriptures or the Ensign, gardening, etc. (the list could go on and on, but you get the point). I have to make sure I make room in my day for those things. I'm a lot happier and feel like a better mother, wife, and person in general when I do something permanent in my day. I feel much more productive when there is tangible evidence of the hard work I've done. So, somedays the laundry may need to be put off, or I won't get the kitchen floor mopped. But that's okay because those things will just have to be done tomorrow too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just call my Suzy

Homemaker, that is!
Last month while I was visiting my parents my mom and I made these cute little tote bags. The one on the left is mine, and the one on the right is Grace's. They were super easy to make and are the perfect size to fit a regular set of scriptures (and them some). My mom's ward made them for an enrichment activity a while back. They're made from place mats! What a great idea someone had! Grace doesn't use hers for scriptures just yet, but she loves to put it on her arm and walk all around the house with it.

I've been wanting to get a bow hanger for sometime to store all of Grace's cute hair bows, but I didn't want to dish out the dough for one, so I found instructions online to make my own. I got lucky while at Hobby Lobby when I saw art canvas' in a 2-pack for super duper cheap, and I was able to use my handy 40% off coupon to get an even better deal on them. I covered the canvas with fabric and then added the ribbon to attach the bows. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. It's hanging in Grace's bedroom.

And since the art canvas' came in a 2-pack I decided to make one for my friend Karen who has 2 little girls. Their bedroom is all red and white gingham and lady bugs so this is what I came up with. I absolutely love it! You can't really tell in the picture but there are ladybug buttons where all the ribbons cross.
I love making things. There's such a feeling of accomplishment and pride in knowing that you created something, even if it is as trivial as a bow hanger. Next Suzy homemaker project: throw pillows for our couch!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

(This picture was taken March 2008. Clockwise from back left: my mother-in-law Cindy, my grandmother-in-law Eleanor, my grandmother Margaret, me, my mom Debbie holding Grace)

For those of you who have children and face the daily challenges that only a mother understands...
For those of you who have had an all-too small taste of motherhood and are grieving the loss of a baby (born or unborn)...
For those of you who ache for a child but are still waiting for that blessing...
For those of you who love, nurture, teach, pray for, and influence others for good...
For those of you who are daughters of our Heavenly Father who loves us…
Happy Mother's Day to you! May you celebrate the traits of a Heavenly Mother instilled in your divine nature, and the opportunities around you to use those traits. May you remember and honor your earthly mother by blessing others as she has blessed you. May you forget what you lack, and remember your infinite potential as a beloved daughter of God.("Mother's Day and Other Holiday Challenges," from Fertile in Our Faith)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She LOVES her daddy

I was driving home from the store yesterday and Grace did the cutest thing! I have to post about it so it gets recorded since I'm not into journaling (I'm using blogger as my journal). I was stopped in a turn lane waiting for traffic to clear when a white truck passed us. Grace's finger pointed to the window and she started yelling, "Dadda, dadda, dadda!" It was so sweet. Justin drives a white truck too and I couldn't believe she made the association. Then the tears came as her heart was breaking watching that white truck drive further and further from her view. She was devastated that her daddy was driving away. She didn't know it was some stranger in a truck that just happened to be the same color as the one her daddy drives. All she knew was that she missed her daddy and wanted to see him. I know my daughter loves both of her parents, but I'm pretty sure she likes her daddy more.

Side note question: Does anyone else have trouble with blogger leaving huge empty spaces at the beginning and ending of posts? Sometimes I can delete the spaces and sometimes I can't. This post seems to be one time that I can't. It's so frustrating!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Monica
1. go to your sixth folder
2. go to your sixth picture
3. blog about it
4. tag 6 people

This was taken the day Grace was born. I had already spent 3 days in the hospital on magnesium to stop my labor. Justin showed up just before 8am to take me home (I hadn't been contracting for 36 hours so I was going home on bed rest orders). When I started eating breakfast, which happened to be the first meal I had eaten in 3 days, I started having contractions again so the nurse snatched all my food away and prepped me for labor and delivery.
Lessons learned:
1. Don't inform hospital staff that you're in labor until AFTER having finished a meal.
2. Shave legs daily from 32 weeks until delivery, just in case that baby decides to come early.
3. Refuse the drug Stadol at all costs
All in all it was an awesome day, even if it is a pretty nasty picture of me.
I tag Dallas, Brooke, Janet, Ashleigh, Krisha, and Morgan