Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching Up: Tree House Museum

Justin's mom took all the grandkids (and their parents) to the Tree House Museum in Ogden one day before Christmas. The kids had a blast running around this place exploring and discovering everything.

I found Whitney and Alix dressing Grace in this Robin Hood costume. Just about every room in this museum had dress up costumes corresponding to the theme.
Grandma Nessen with all her grandkids, from left: Maggie Jo, Grace, Whitney, Alix and Jaxx

Grace in the old school house

Grace and Daddy having a tea party

Grace loved the music room. She was running around like a crazy person from one thing to the next, spending about a half second at each instrument. I was exhausted just watching her from my seat on a bench!
Justin helping Maggie with the train set

Grace and Daddy building something together in the workshop

She loved this table with the barn, tractors, and farm equipment. I think she spent the most time here.

They had this cow that could actually be milked. When you pull on the utters water squirts out into the pail. Grace wouldn't have anything to do with it, so I tried. I don't think I'd make a very good living milking cows.

Our little cowgirl! She loved these horses (probably because they weren't real).
Thanks Grandma for the great time at the museum. We'll definitely visit it again someday!

Catching Up: Happy Birthday Grace!

I am WAAAY behind on blogging so the next few posts I will be playing catch-up. Last month we made a very long (that's an understatement) trip to Utah and Oregon to celebrate Christmas with each of our families. We left on December 18th and arrived just in time for the Petersen Family Christmas Party 24 hours later, which will be blogged about in a later post. We were able to celebrate Grace's 2nd birthday on December 20th while in Utah at Justin's parent's house. Great Grandma and Grandpa Nessen were able to come and help celebrate, as well as Justin's Aunt Patti, Uncle Dirk and their kids. Grace opened some presents, we sang to her and ate cake and ice cream
Grandma Nessen helping Grace open a present from Great Grandma and Grandpa Nessen. She wasn't really into opening presents that night, so this was the only shot I got. I'm pretty sure I opened the rest of them for her without her evening noticing.
The cake I picked up at Sam's Club as we were passing through Ogden the day before.

I love this picture of her trying to blow out her candle. She ended up needing a little help from Daddy.

Later that night Aunt Jessie gave Grace a pedicure. Too Cute!
We can't believe our sweet little baby is already 2 years old. It's been the best two years of our lives. We are grateful and humbled everyday for the opportunity we have to be her parents. I hope someday she will understand the special blessing she is in our lives and how much we wished and prayed her here. She is the sunshine and happiness that brightens our days and has filled the empty spaces in our family and home. We love you Grace!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sugar and Spice...

...And Everything Nice
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of
Sunshine and Rainbows
And Ribbons For Hair Bows
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of
Tea Parties, Laces
And Baby Doll Faces
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of.
If you haven't figured it out yet, we're having another sweet little girl! We're very excited and oh so happy that all is well. She seems to be growing healthy and strong and is very active. We can't wait to meet her in the spring!