Saturday, September 21, 2013

Story Time Around the World - week 3

I was hesitant to go to story time this week.  It started raining Thursday night and hadn't stopped by the time we needed to leave.  After 3 days of staying home and Justin being out of town for the whole week, I was ready to get out and do something.  I grabbed my umbrella and we headed to Longview.  When we got there I was checking out some new toys in the store and Claire started tuggingon my shirt, letting me know it was starting.  I was surprised that she even wanted to participate.  The first two weeks she only wanted to play in the toy store.  Anyways, we took our seats and learned about Europe!
This was how excited Claire was to learn where Europe is locatedon the globe!
These are a couple of the books that were read.  The first was a "Madeline" book. 

They passed around some money from Denmark, and apparantly Legos are made (or orginated?) in Denmark

Another parachute activity
The last story read was about an old Italian womam who made pasta, so the crafty activity was stringing dyed rigatoni noodles onto yarn to make a necklace.  Claire was really into this.  She was concentrating pretty hard.
She was pretty darn proud of that necklace!


Amanda Petersen said...

This looks so fun! You are a wonderful mom! I'm glad you have fun things like this to go to. Your girls are darling and I'm so glad I got to see you guys back in July. Hope everything's going well!

Katie Petersen said...

I love all these fun updates! Keep 'em coming!

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Yang Kuo said...

This looks so fun! You are a wonderful mom! I'm glad you have fun things like this to go to. Your girls are darling and I'm so glad I got to see you guys back in July.


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