Friday, September 20, 2013

Jumpin' Jack's Party Shack

Last Saturday Grace was invited to a classmates birthday party at Jumpin' Jack's Party Shack in Tyler.  The place is full of inflatable slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls, and bounce houses.  This is the first time Grace has ever been invited to a birthday party for someone who is not a "church" friend.  She was so excited, she could hardly sleep the night before.  I was looking forward to spending a few hours with my first born.  We don't get to do much just the two of us these days.  We had an hour long drive and she talked my ear off the entire way.  I adore our conversations.  We arrived just in time for the party guests to get their wristbands and enter the play area.  She immediately spotted the birthday girl and a few other girls from school and she was off.  I spent the next hour or so watching my girl run and laugh with sweet friends she has only known a couple of weeks, but act as though they've been best friends their entire lives.  She  had a marvelous time and I was happy to be able to meet some of her classmates and their parents.       

Grace and the birthday girl.  Are they not absolutely adorable? (the photo bomber in the background is the birthday girl's older brother)
This had me cracking up!  As soon as it was time for presents, all the little girls smothered the birthday girl. I didn't see any of the gifts that were given.

There was even entertainment for the dads.  It's not a very good picture, but that's the A&M/Alabama game on the screen

Meanwhile... Claire spent the afternoon with daddy.  All 3 year old girls eat a half slab of ribs for lunch, don't they?


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