Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Timeline: April 21, 2010

8:00am - Headed to my scheduled prenatal appointment. Having some contractions about 10-12 minutes apart.
9:00 - Dr. checked my progress and I was dilated almost 5cm and about 80% effaced. Dr. decided to hook me up to the monitor and see how often I was contracting.
9:15 - I called Justin to let him know what was going on. He decided to get things cleaned up at work and head towards the doctor's office.
9:25 - Dr. checked the monitor. Contractions were every 3-5 minutes. I was told to get to the hospital and order my epidural so I wouldn't miss my opportunity to get it.
10:00 - Met Justin at the hospital. Got checked in and all set up in a labor room. I had to have 2 pints of IV fluid in me before the anesthesiologist would give me an epidural.
12:00 - Got my epidural!
1:00 - Dr. came by to check my progress. I was now at 6cm and she broke my water. The epidural didn't completely work because I could still feel the contractions in my belly, so after a while I got another dose of medicine which I think numbed me a little too much. At least I couldn't feel any pain, right?!
4:45 - Dr. showed up in her "street clothes" to check me again, but didn't need to since Claire was crowning. She ran to change into her scrubs. The nurses rushed to get everything ready.
4:50 - Began pushing
4:56 - Claire arrived healthy and strong!

Grace and I just hanging out waiting for our friends to pick her up for the rest of the day.
Claire getting checked out and cleaned up
Happy parents!
Proud big sister

Daddy's girls

Newest Nessen

Claire Marie Nessen
April 21, 2010
6lbs. 4oz; 19.5 inches

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Portraits

We took Grace to get spring portraits this morning. It's been a year since our last attempt at pictures. She's not too fond of the camera, especially when a stranger is trying to snap her picture. It took the entire session and a few marshmallows and jelly beans to get 4 poses worth buying. I'm actually pretty well pleased with how they turned out considering the way she was behaving at the studio.

This one is probably my favorite

Classic "Grace" face with the scrunched up nose

She was having fun twirling with dad who was just out of the camera's view

Look at those eyelashes!