Monday, December 14, 2009

Pump it Up

Last month, a few days before Thanksgiving, I took Grace to a place called Pump it Up for a playdate with a friend from church. This place has a building just for pre-schoolers (ages 6 and under) that's full of inflatable bounce houses and slides. Grace loved it! She's our little daredevil and the higher and faster she can go the better! They do a pop-in playtime for 1-1/2 hours Monday-Thursday for a small entry fee (parents are free and allowed to play with their children on all the inflatable toys). I think we will be frequent visitors of Pump it Up.

Unfortunately we had to go straight from there to the pediatrician so Grace could get her flu shot. That was not nearly as much fun! Grace screamed from the moment I put her on the table until she caught a glimpse of the lollipop the nurse was holding for her. No more tears after that.