Monday, April 27, 2009


Back in March Justin's parents came out for a long weekend. It also happened to be the weekend that Time Out For Women was going to be in Houston. A lot of the women in my ward were heading down so I got a couple of tickets for Cindy and I to attend the Friday evening and Saturday sessions. Poor Grace had been sick the whole week before with an ear infection so this was what her days had been looking like.
We picked Justin up from work at lunch time on Friday and started making our way to Houston. Justin and Rex hung out with Grace at the hotel while Cindy and I enjoyed the speakers and entertainers at TOFW. Friday night we heard from Sheri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson who are both incredibly inspiring women. We also watched performances by Jenny Jordan Frogley and Abe Mills (AH-maze-ING).
Abe Mills, who is one of the singers in the group Jericho Road, brought up all the men in attendance (why there were that many at a Time Out For WOMEN event I don't know) and had them help him out with a Boy Band medley. It was hilarious.

Saturday ended up being just as great. We heard from Mary Ellen Edmunds (very funny lady), Chris Stewart (Author of the fantastic series The Great and Terrible), Wendy Ulrich, Brent Top, and music by Kenneth Cope. It was such an uplifting experience. This was the second time I've been able to attend a TOFW event and I haven't been disappointed. I even won a door prize! My name was drawn out of over 800. I won up to 800 pages printed in full color and bound by

Grace didn't sleep at all in the hotel so this was how she spent the entire 5 hour drive home

All in all, it was a weekend. We just wish Rex and Cindy could have stayed a little bit longer. We can't wait for our next visit!

Happy Birthday to us!

This year Justin and I were both pretty spoiled for our birthdays. Justin bought himself this pretty little thing

And I was finally able to get rid of our old table that was falling apart.

Now I just need to do some decorating in our dining room. Ideas anyone? I'm totally open. I'm thinking about heading to the paint store this week so let me know what you think.

Grace's new trick

Grace learned a new trick while we were visiting my parents.

Unfortunately we have the same type of door handles in our house. Nothing is off limits to her now. Justin learned quickly that if you want privacy while in the bathroom, you must lock the door or else she comes barging in.